About Us

Our original, brick-and-mortar retail store was founded in Brookyn, New York in 1996. We are affiliates of Fabko.com, where we have been selling European foodstuffs for over 20 years.

As our business has expanded and we have gained access to more and more high-quality European imports, we have outgrown our original Fabko.com website. So in 2020, we decided to move all our non-food products to Zimgi.com for easier navigation and better aesthetics.

Here at Zimgi, we specialize in the sale of cosmetics, over-the-counter medicines, and household items from European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Romania, the Balkans, and many more.
Because of our encompassing knowledge of various cultures, we offer a diverse and unique selection. We put great effort into making sure our products are always authentic, high quality, and safe to use. 

To ensure product safety, we package our orders with wrapping paper, plastic bags, bubble wrap, along with other forms of security - anything to guarantee an ideal shipment!

We understand the immense importance of customer satisfaction and pride ourselves in upholding excellent service and quality. Any questions, concerns, or desires are greatly valued and always appreciated. You can always contact us at info@zimgi.com
  • Safe Ingredients
    We believe that natural, wholesome ingredients are key to a healthy diet and beauty regime.
  • TOP Quality
    Our products are screened for quality and authenticity. We only sell real imports directly from Europe.
  • Great Prices
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