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Bathing products for babies: shampoos, soap, and shower gels.

Bathing and baby care products are a serious matter. A toddler’s skin is very sensitive. That is why any products used for it must be as safe and gentle as possible; they can not contain any harmful, artificial ingredients. It is exactly this level of quality and care that Zimgi wants to offer you and your child.

In our lineup, you will find skin-friendly products that will take optimal care of your little one. These products include Sudocrem Antiseptic Cream, which is perfect in the case of rashes or eczema, and Elmex Junior toothpaste, to take gentle care of sensitive baby teeth. We also carry the beloved Nivea brand, which provides no-tear, protective soaps and shampoos.

All our products for kids contain no parabens, alcohol, or colorants and are pediatrician and dermatologist certified. These products are, first and foremost, safe. Undoubtedly, the clinical and dermatological tests and procedures performed upon them have proved their harmlessness and gentle effects.

Why choose natural baby products?

Raising children is a difficult thing. Every day, a toddler is exposed to many dangers. But by shopping with us, you can assure yourself that at least your daily baby care products will not cause your child any harm. Why is our stock different from others? Because we have carefully selected only the best products, with no artificial ingredients. Nowadays, cosmetics are full of them and usually, without your knowledge. With us, there is no need to fret. At Zimgi, we gathered only natural goods – all imported from Europe.

The baby care products that we offer are a set of essentials that every parent should have. They make taking care of your baby easy. And what is most important, is that as a parent you are aware that you are giving your baby what is safest and most natural – whether it be sensitive skin shampoo, bath foam, or butt cream. All our cosmetics assure gentle care for your baby’s skin and body!