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Over the counter medicines from Europe at Zimgi.

Over the counter medicines from Europe – one of our absolute most important categories at Zimgi. With over three hundred products and more than half a dozen subcategories, you are absolutely sure to find a remedy for whatever ailment is currently troubling you. Categories of note include our Dietary Supplements, where you can find everything from Liquid Valerian to Magnesium B6 and Sedative Tablets. Another noteworthy category is our Herbs & Teas section where you can find organic herbal remedies for constipation, bloating, allergies, and more. Those who are looking to treat sore muscles or joints should make sure to check out our most popular pain relief medications, such as Voltaren, Ketonal, Polopyrina, and APAP.

Herbal cures and non-prescription medication.

Young or old, man or woman – at some point on our lives, all of us have to deal with sickness and ailments. However, finding the right medication can be daunting. After all, there are so many, how can you know which one will work for you? And how can you be sure that what you are putting in your body is safe and healthy? Here at Zimgi, precisely for this reason, we are fully transparent about the effects of the medications we carry (including their side effects), as well as all the ingredients contained within. We take pride in importing only the best and most effective medicinal products from Europe. Not to mention, thanks to the strict health laws of the European Union, you can rest assured that everything we carry – including but not limited to herbal home remedies, vitamin bomb teas, cooling gels for muscle and joint pain, nasal sprays for allergies, effervescent lemon drops for colds and sore throats, and anti-inflammation tablets for headaches and fevers  – are all strictly monitored, approved by medical professionals, and absolutely safe to consume.