AA, Super Fruits & Herbs, Bubble Bath with Prickly Pear & Amaranth 750ml

Discover the extraordinary power of natural care with AA SUPER FRUITS & HERBS! A unique composition of selected extracts from superfruits and exceptional herbs will provide the skin with an injection of concentrated nutrients and vitamins. Deliciously juicy fragrances will wrap your body, relaxing you and putting you in a great mood.

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Treat yourself to a unique bath and reach for the bubble bath with prickly pear and amaranth, and your skin will become moisturized and incredibly refreshed.


  • OPUNITY – a source of organic acids and ingredients with a strong moisturizing effect, refreshes and perfectly smoothes the epidermis.
  • AMARANTUS – hides huge amounts of minerals, polysaccharides and extremely valuable nutrients, and brings comfort and relief to dry skin.
Use: Pour a portion of the liquid (at your discretion) into the bathtub under the stream of warm water and enjoy the moment of relaxation.
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