After just 60 seconds it provides  7 benefits for your hair.
  1. Strengthening and smoothing along the entire length
  2. Thermal protection during styling
  3. Deep hydration and softness
  4. Facilitating detangling
  5. Beautiful shine
  6. Reduce frizz
  7. Easy to stack
Natural active substances contained in the conditioner provide comprehensive care for weak and falling out hair.
They deeply moisturize and strengthen the hair fiber. 
• Biotin  strengthens weakened hair, protects it against excessive hair loss. It makes new hair grow thicker, stronger and more resistant to damage.
• Aloe juice  nourishes and moisturizes the strands, restoring their softness and shine. It protects the structure of a weakened hair against the negative influence of free radicals.
• Jojoba oil  nourishes and regenerates the hair, strengthens it along its entire length and protects the ends against splitting. It softens and smoothes the hair, gives it exceptional bounce and shine.


87% of the content of ingredients of natural origin

Directions for use: gently massage the conditioner into damp hair, drained of excess water, avoiding their roots. Leave for 60 seconds, then rinse thoroughly. Use after each washing your hair.

Weight 8 oz


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Biovax 7-in-1 Express Conditioner for Weak Hair 200ml

Biovax express conditioner 7-in-1 Beauty Benefit for weak and falling out hair thanks to the content of biotin, aloe vera juice and jojoba oil.

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