Effect on hair:

  • Hair less prone to falling out
  • Encouraged to grow intensively
  • Thicker and stronger, with a natural shine

MicroQ10 ™  – innovative, patented active ingredient in the form of active Coenzyme Q10 molecules, closed in lipid microspheres. Micromolecules easily penetrate the hair canal and go directly to its root. They actively stimulate cell division leading to hair growth.

Taurine  – recharges the hair with energy from the very roots. It supports the proper rooting of the hair in the scalp, preventing hair thinning.
Capillisil + Alistin – they stimulate hair growth in an integrated way. They inhibit their loss, increase density and keep them in good condition.
Aloe –  moisturizes and strengthens the hair shaft, restoring its natural shine.

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BiovaxMen Strengthening Shampoo for Men 200ml

BiovaxMen shampoo for men contains the latest generation ingredients that intensely encourage hair to grow. They anchor them firmly in the scalp, thus preventing excessive hair loss. They charge the hair with energy, restore its thickness and density.
The BiovaxMen shampoo, thanks to a strategic approach to the most common problems of men’s hair, restores the desired thickness, and gives you full control, comfort and self-confidence. Perfect for daily care.

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