Calgon Power Gel 3-in-1 750ml

Calgon Power Gel 3-in-1 for limescale protection. By neutralizing hard water, Calgon prevents limescale build-up and protects the most important parts of the washing machine. Limescale, dirt and detergent residues accumulate behind the drum, in the filter and in the pipes. This not only may cause your machine to break down, but also may be the source of malodours which prevent you from getting perfect laundry results.

For a protected, clean and extra fresh** machine, Calgon has 3 neutralising actions:
1. Powerful limescale protection that helps prevent machine breakdown
2. Anti-dirt actives help protect from the accumulation of dirt and detergent residues
3. Helps prevent malodours forming in the machine

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Calgon Power Gel 3-in-1 750ml

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