Debelizyna Bean Seeds Extract 100g


A product classically used as an adjunct in urolithiasis (little significant deposits) with low severity and prevention of recurrence of urolithiasis.

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Do not use in people who are allergic to Nipagin or to any part of the toothpaste; in children and adolescents and elderly patients without consulting a doctor.

Dosage and use:
On average, 3 times a day, 1 teaspoon of paste dissolved in 1/2 glass of boiled water.

Supplementary recommendations for use:
Depending on the doctor’s recommendations, follow the recommended diet and adequate fluid intake; if you use the medicine for prophylactic purposes, the frequency of the controls should be determined with your doctor. Special warnings and precautions for use: urological diagnostics is decisive in the situation of nephrolithiasis, which is why a medical consultation is recommended. If a dose is missed, a double dose should not be used, but the next dose should be used within the time limit. Do not use in women planning pregnancy, and do not use during pregnancy.

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