Action: herbal compress for eye area. Extract from eyebright the soothes, removes fatigue and tearing. Gel moisturizes and smoothes the skin, restoring firmness and elasticity.

Effect: relief to the eyes area. Moisturized and smoothed skin around eyes.

Directions for use: apply a thin layer of gel on upper and lower eyelids (avoiding the conjunctival sac). Use day and night, also under make-up.

It contains active substances:
Extract from eyebright
-relief for the eye area. Moisturized and smoothed skin around the eyes. Soothed skin around the eyes. Smooth, bright, without puffy eyes and shadows under the eyes.

Panthenol: soothes irritated skin and revitalizes epidermis.


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Floslek Pharma Brightening Undereye Gel 15ml/0.51fl.oz

Cares for puffy skin around the eyes, irritated by dust, sun, the wrong makeup. Safe for contact lenses.

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