Herbapol Digestion Tea Fix 40g (1.41oz)


This tea is a perfectly selected composition of herbs. Product components are recommended for people who suffer from daily digestive problems and feel discomfort after heavy meals.

20 sachets x 2 grams

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Fennel, peppermint, and melissa contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system. Additionally, chicory helps increase the production of digestive juices. Peppermint and funnel are useful in flatulence and abdominal cramps. Moreover, fennel promotes appetite while peppermint is helpful for indigestion. Elder helps maintain proper body weight and proper blood glucose level.

Ingredients: Black elderberry fruit – 27%, verbena herb – 18%, fennel fruit – 18%, mint leaf – 15%, lemon balm herb – 15%, chicory root – 7%

Directions: Pour boiling water (200ml) over 1 tea bag, leave under cover for 5-10 minutes. Drink a cup of tea three times a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily portion.

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Herbapol Krakow

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