Topinambour andyerba contribute to proper fat metabolism, help in body weight control. Blackcurrant, elderberry, chicory and couch grass facilitate reduction and maintain a healthy body weight. Spirulina, orthosiphon and elderberry help maintain normal blood glucose level, couch grass reduces appetite. Chicory, blackcurrant, yerba and elderberry support water elimination from the body by the kidneys. Spirulina and black currant help in case of fatigue, strengthen the body and help to enhance body’s vitality. Elderberry, blackcurrant, apple peel, mint and grapefruit give the tea a refreshing, unique flavor.

Preparation method: Infuse 1 sachet of tea with boiling water (200 ml) under cover for 15 minutes. Drink fresh infusion three times a day. Balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle are recommended.

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Herbapol Slimming Tea 40g

It’s perfectly selected composition of fruits and herbs, which are the natural wealth for the body.

A package contains: 20 sachets x 2g


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