Additionally, caraway stimulates digestion, promotes the secretion of gastric juices, sets free from feeling of fullness. Melissa, angelica, linseed and gentian support and facilitate the process of digestion.

A package contains 20 sachets x 2g.

Ingredients: lemon balm leaf (25%), peppermint leaf (20%), chamomile basket (20%), caraway fruit (5.5%), angelica root (11%), ground flax (8%), gentian root (0.5%)

Preparation: pour one cup of boiling water into a sachet, and cover it for 5-10 minutes.

Weight 2 oz

Herbapol Krakow

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Herbapol Tea for Stomach 40g

The tea is a carefully selected composition of herbs, that supplements the daily diet. Peppermint is helpful in indigestion and helps to maintain healthy stomach. Chamomile improves digestion, contributes to the achievement of the digestive comfort, is helpful in stomach cramps, flatulence, bloating and indigestion.


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