In addition, this activity is facilitated by the heart’s ease herb and dandelion root, which give a mild diuretic effect. On the other hand, hobs have a light sedative effect
The tea is especially recommended in the states of increased nervous tension and discomfort.

Composition: Chokeberry fruit, hawthorn berry, lemon grass, heart’s ease herb, dandelion root, hops, garlic.

Directions : 1 tea sachet infuse with boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

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Herbapol The Antihypertensive Fix Tea (20 Sachets)

The Antihypertensive Fix Tea is a supplement to the daily diet. The tea is a perfectly composed mixture of herbs (chokeberry fruit, hawthorn berry, garlic) helpful in reducing the blood pressure and favourably affecting the heart rate and blood vessels.


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