Ludwik Aloe Dish Soap


Ludwik Aloe Dish Soap works perfectly in every home and kitchen, effectively removing grease; the newly developed formula ensures even greater effects.



Ludwik Aloe Dish Soap

In the category of manual dishwashing, Ludwik products are distinguished by their reliability and are excellent even in the case of stubborn, hard-to-wash dirt. This is due to the unique, innovative formulas that ensure highly effective action. Just such a product is Ludwik Aloe Dish Soap, which works perfectly in every home and professional kitchen, effectively removing grease. The balm with a mild aloe scent will find a place for itself wherever high washing efficiency is important. The product has a newly developed formula that ensures even greater effectiveness.

  • New formula: more effective in removing dirt
  • Biodegradable formula
  • ruthless to fat
  • Crystal clear and sparkling dishes
  • Thick consistency with delicate aloe scent
  • pH neutral for the skin
  • Gentle on the hands
  • Contains aloe vera extract
  • Dermatologically tested

Mild dishwashing lotion with aloe vera extract

If you wash by hand every day, choose products that will not only ensure effective washing, but also take care of your skin’s good condition.¬†Washing dishes daily with strong liquids can leave the skin on your hands dry and irritated. Ludwik Aloe Dish Soap¬†ensures that the dishes are crystal clean and shiny, and at the same time is gentle on the hands.¬†The formula of this product has been enriched with aloe vera extract, which has soothing, moisturizing and antibacterial properties.¬†In addition, the balm has a neutral pH and does not affect the protective layer of the skin.¬†Thanks to this, even if you often wash dishes by hand, the skin of your hands remains well-groomed and moisturized.¬†It is also worth noting that Ludwik Aloe Dish Soap has a biodegradable formula.

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