Perfecta Hydro&Glow 24h Moisture Booster 15ml


An intensively moisturising booster of an exceptionally light consistency, which provides the skin with an additional hydrating shot and restores its natural radiant looks. The booster soothes the skin, supports regeneration, and helps smooth wrinkles. Recommended use: under and/or over a cream or, particularly in the summer, on its own. It is perfect as a make-up base which increases make-up durability.

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rich in ceramides, this extract of a popular Asian citrus moisturises reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and strengthens the skin’s barrier and protective function. It regenerates, supports skin rebuilding, and smooths unevenness on its surface.

restores the optimum level of moisture, binding water particles and anchoring them in the skin. It leaves the complexion velvety smooth and soft to the touch.

silk extract which creates a delicate film on the skin, protecting it against dehydration and the adverse effect of the environment, smoothing, and reducing irregularities.

restores and maintains the optimum level of moisture to the skin.

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