Perwoll Renew Advanced Liquid Detergent for Whites 1.5L


Perwoll White concentrated HE laundry detergent (known in Germany as Perwoll Stralendes Weiss and formerly called Perwoll White Magic) is formulated to clean and prevent whites from getting grey. Like magic, Perwoll White detergent actually re-news white fabrics with each wash for a bright white like new look. Great for all white clothes and all kinds of fabrics from cotton, wool & silk to synthetic fibers. Thanks to the innovative Re-new White Effect Formula even already greyish white can get white like new again!

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For best results load washer no more than half full with dosage for soft to hard water as follows: 60 ml for lightly soiled clothes, 90 ml for medium soiled clothes and 120 ml for heavily soiled colthes (Add 25% more for very hard water conditions).

  • Re-news white fabrics.
  • Gently cleans all white fabric types from cotton, wool & silk to synthetic fibers.
  • Formulated to be gentle on the environment.
  • 1.5 Liter bottle, use between 80 – 120 ml. per washload.
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