Pharmaceris Regenovum Lipid Wash Gel is intended for daily cleansing of excessively dry and extremely sensitive mature skin with a disturbed composition of the physiological bacterial flora and a damaged, protective lipid coat. It is also recommended for the care of itchy, flaky and prone to redness and irritation skin.

Effects of Pharmaceris Regenovum Lipid Wash Gel
  • The gel effectively and gently cleanses the skin of the whole body, and thanks to its gentle formula, compatible with the physiological pH of the skin, it does not affect its hydrolipid balance.
  • A specially selected, rich composition of active ingredients reduces the unpleasant feeling of tension, bringing relief to very dry skin, which quickly regains comfort and an appropriate level of hydration.
  • The formula with silver ions, valued for its antiseptic properties, inhibits the growth of bacteria, allows you to maintain a high level of hygiene on a daily basis. The gel does not contain alcohol and does not dry out the skin.
  • Vitamin B 12 contained in the preparation , ideally suited to the needs of mature skin with symptoms of dryness, has strong soothing properties. It reduces the itching sensation, reduces irritation and redness of the skin caused by both external factors and excessive dryness.
  • Formula enriched with probiotic strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin.
  • The gel, containing avocado oil in its composition, provides dry skin with the necessary dose of vitamins and minerals, ensuring its proper nourishment and regeneration, as well as smoothness and silkiness to the touch.
  • Vitamin B 12
    soothes and soothes irritations resulting from excessive drying and the action of irritating factors.
  • Colloidal silver
    guarantees a high level of hygiene, preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Probiotic
    strengthens the natural protective barrier.
  • Allantoin and D-panthenol
    regenerate damaged and dry epidermis.
How to Use
  • Apply the gel on damp skin of the body, massage until a foam with a delicate, pleasant smell appears.
  • Then rinse thoroughly with water, dry the skin with a towel without rubbing excessively and apply body lotion.
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Pharmaceris Regenovum Lipid Wash Gel 400ml

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