RadicalMed Anti Hair Loss Ampoule Treatment 15 x 5ml/0.17 fl.oz.


A specialist new generation product for weakened and falling out hair. A specially composed, original formula, rich in extremely strong, highly concentrated and innovative active substances – Horsetail extract, Pro-Hair Booster 4H, Trichogen, Vitamin A,E,F complex, Provitamin B5, Inutec – provides a strong and multilevel effect by eliminating the chief cases of hair loss.

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Ampoule treatment:

  • reduces hair loss
  • thickens and strengthens hair
  • works on the entire surface of the hair, reaching the bulbs
  • extends the life cycle of the hair and prevents hair loss

The first effects – curbing hair loss and stimulating the growth of new ones – are visible after four weeks of regular application.

Application: delicately massage the contents of an ampoule into a scalp. Do not rinse. Apply every day for at least 4 weeks, then every second day for the subsequent 8 weeks. In order to preserve the effects, it is advisable to undergo a strengthening treatment in winter and autumn.

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