RadicalMed Hair Growth Treatment 5ml (15 Ampules)

Stimulating new hair growth treatment helps to intense fighting with with alopecia, intensify hair loss and thinning. As the number of treatments increases, the thickness and volume of the hair. Recommended series of treatments every minimum 7 days. 

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RadicalMed Hair Growth Treatment 5ml (15 Ampules)

RadicalMed Hair Growth Treatment contains an innovative, concentrated formula which stimulates fair follicles to produce healthy and strong hair. It strengthens the hair bulbs, reducing thinning and falling out hair. It also improves the the condition of the hair, restoring its softness and elasticity.

The product is also recommended for people after chemotherapy and as a thickening treatment for thin and slow growing hair in order to achieve desirable thickness, volume and length of the hair.

  • Stimulates, micro circulation in the scalp to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients into hair follicles
  • Speeds up hair growth
  • Srengthens hair bulbs and radically reduces hair’s loss thinning
  • Restores hair’s desirable thickness and volume
  • Hair become stronger, softer and more flexible

Visible results of hair thickening and quicker hair growth already after four weeks of regular use!

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