Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover for Colors 940ml


Don’t be afraid of germs anymore. Disinfection and no stains with the new Vanish Extra Hygiene! Even when you wash at 40 degrees, the antibacterial Vanish Oxi Action Extra Hygiene removes stains more effectively than you think. In summer, it is harder to take care of hygienic cleanliness of clothes. After you sweat your clothes, use the most effective stain remover and make sure your underwear and clothes are really clean. Don’t worry about the colors and quality of your fabrics. Vanish Oxi Action Extra Hygiene antibacterial liquid is safe for both white and colored fabrics.

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Product advantages:

  • reliable stain removal
  • KILLS 99.9% of BACTERIA
  • fights the most stubborn stains
  • for colors and white
  • safe for fabrics
  • color safe

For best results, use Vanish Oxi Action Fluid on a fresh stain.

Weight 37 oz



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