Cif Perfect Finish Oven & Grill Cleaning Spray 435ml

The oven often turns out to be the most difficult element to clean when cleaning the kitchen. Dried grease, burns, old stains and water stains are a big challenge. Cif Perfect Finish oven cleaner spray will do it!

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With it, you will restore the desired cleanliness and shine to the surfaces. The Cif Perfect Finish oven cleaning spray has a special formula with particles that break down the grease. Thanks to this, it will effectively remove all burnt food residues, fat deposits and other stubborn dirt. It adheres perfectly to surfaces, including vertical ones, therefore it is ideal for cleaning elements in the kitchen. It is an excellent remedy for a burnt oven, stove or stove. It will also easily remove dried grease from the grill and grill. It will also deal with any other dirt. This anti-grease agent will also take care of the cleaned surfaces – it will protect them, ensuring their shine without streaks and stains. Importantly, it does not cause unpleasant odors, so cleaning will be more comfortable for you than before. To remove dirt, spray the surface, wait a few moments, and then rinse with a damp cloth. If you are dealing with particularly stubborn dirt, leave the spray on longer for the oven cleaner to take effect. Effect? Perfectly clean surface, free of dried grease and stains. The cleaned elements will shine with purity!

Main features:

  • effectively removes grease, burns, deposits
  • no streaks and stains
  • does not scratch the surface while cleaning
  • removes even stubborn dirt from the oven, grill or induction cooker
  • cleans even vertical surfaces
  • does not cause unpleasant vapors
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