Lovi Jungle Vibes Silicone Pacifier 18 Months+ (2 Pieces)


Lovi Jungle Vibes Silicone Pacifier has been designed in a way to not disturb the natural sucking reflex. Its shape resembles the nipple familiar to babies.


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Lovi Jungle Vibes Silicone Pacifier 18 Months+ (2 Pieces)

Lovi Jungle Vibes Silicone Pacifier has been designed in such a way as not to disturb the natural sucking reflex. Its shape resembles the nipple familiar to the baby. This means that while sucking on the pacifier, the baby does not become distracted and remains calm. The dial has a pattern reminiscent of a tropical jungle.

Intended Use

The pacifier is dedicated to children over 18 months.¬†It has an appropriately sized silicone tip that adapts to the shape of the mouth and individual sucking rhythm.¬†The heterogeneous layer of silicone lengthens and contracts to match the baby’s suckling rhythm.¬†The dynamic tip is made of high-quality materials and its shape does not adversely affect the proper development of speech and bite*.

The shield of the dummy has been properly profiled in such a way as to allow the baby to breathe freely. It also has holes that allow air to enter the skin around the mouth, protecting it from irritation. A circle is attached to the shield, which allows for comfortable gripping of the dummy, both by a child and an adult.

The Jungle Vibes Boy dynamic silicone pacifier is BPA-free and, like all Lovi pacifiers, medically tested**. To maintain a high level of hygiene and safety, materials that can be poured over with boiling water and used in a sterilizer have been used .

*provided that orthodontic and neurologopedic recommendations are followed

** product usability study under medical supervision in an outpatient mode conducted on a group of 150 infants aged 0-18 months in Polish clinics (specialist, regional pediatric clinics and neurological clinics of the National Health Fund in Katowice, Rzeszów and Bydgoszcz with the participation of midwives and parents)


Before first use:

  • boil the pacifier in water for 5 minutes,
  • then, after cooling down, squeeze out the remaining water in the pacifier.

Before each use:

  • wash the pacifier with warm water and carefully inspect the product,
  • pull the nipple in all directions,
  • if there is any sign of damage, throw away the product.
Product features
  • For children from 18 months of age,
  • Silicone tip,
  • Dynamic,
  • Symmetrical,
  • Profiled shield with holes,
  • Grip wheel,
  • Nature patterns,
  • Rubber cover,
  • BPA free.
Producent code


  • Only use dedicated nipple holders that comply with EN12586.¬†Never tie ribbons or straps to the pacifier as this may cause the baby to suffocate.
  • Do not leave the pacifier in direct sunlight, near heat sources or in a disinfectant (“sterilizing” solution) longer than recommended as this may weaken the nipple.
  • Keep the removable protective cover out of the reach of the child to avoid suffocation.
  • Keep this manual as it contains important information.
  • If the soother is pulled into the mouth, remain calm.¬†The soother cannot be swallowed and is designed to help you cope if this happens.¬†Remove the soother from the mouth as gently as possible.
  • Do not use antibacterial or abrasive cleaners.¬†Excessive concentrations of cleaning agents can damage plastic components over time.
  • Never immerse the eraser in sweet substances or medicines, as this can cause tooth decay in the child.
  • The pacifier is not suitable for use in the microwave or dishwasher.
Additional information
  • Store the pacifier in a clean, dry and closed container.
  • Use the soother for 1 to 2 months, then replace it with a new one for safety and hygiene reasons.
Contents of the package

The Lovi Jungle Vibes Boy Bundle, 18+ months, includes:

  • 2 x dynamic soother,
  • 2 x dummy cups,
  • Hygienic storage capsule.

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