Nivea Baby Emollient for Body and Hair 500ml


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Nivea Baby Emollient for Body and Hair 500ml

Nivea Baby Emollient is a soothing body and hair wash gel for dry, sensitive, irritated skin prone to atopy. From the first day of life!

Thanks to the delicate formula with shea butter with Omega 6 lipids, it moisturizes the skin for a long time and prevents it from drying out. Strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin.¬†Provides a feeling of relief and comfort.¬†It restores the skin’s softness and healthy appearance.¬†It prevents irritation.¬†Gives hair smoothness.¬†Rinses off easily.¬†Formula designed to ensure high tolerance for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies and children.

  1. From the first day of life
  2. Does not sting the eyes. Ophthalmologically tested
  3. Without ethyl alcohol and soap
  4. Skin-friendly pH
  5. Safety and effectiveness confirmed in clinical and dermatological tests


  • Gently washes the child’s body and hair
  • ¬†It prevents irritation and redness
  • ¬†Provides a feeling of relief and comfort
  • ¬†It restores softness and smoothness to the skin and hair
  • ¬†It doesn’t sting the eyes


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