Herbapol Calming Herbal Tea and Fruit 40g/1.41oz (20 Tea Bags)


Herbapol Tea Fix for Calming are recommended in states of anxiety and nervousness. Lemon balm, hawthorn and hops help to reduce tension. Mint and chamomile contribute to achieving optimal relaxation. Lemon balm and chamomile help to promote good physical and mental well-being. Mint, lemon balm and chamomile help maintain a healthy sleep. 40g

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Ingredients: melissa leaf, hawthorn fruit, Peppermint leaf, cocomile flower, Linden flower, Hop cones.

Directions: 1 tea bag pour in a glass of boiling water, leave covered for 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to brew three times a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake of the product. Store in a dry place, out of reach of small children.


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