Nivea Intimo Wipes (Fresh) 20 Count


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Nivea Intimo Wipes (Fresh) 20 Count

Nivea Intimo Wipes (Fresh) delicately clean and leave a pleasant feeling of comfort throughout the day. The gentle formula of the wipes is enriched with aloe vera, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on the intimate area. Lactic acid takes care of maintaining the natural pH level, and white tea provides freshness and comfort. Intimate wipes have dermatologically and gynecologically proven compatibility with the skin, without the presence of alkaline soaps. They are suitable for everyday use.

  • Gently washes sensitive parts of the body
  • Gives a long-term feeling of freshness
  • Respects the natural pH value and restores it
  • Prevents bacterial growth
How to use
  1. Carefully peel off the protective sticker on the package. Remove a wet towel.
  2. If necessary, use several wipes.


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