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Natural body care products and cosmetics for sensitive skin. Indeed, it only takes one wrong decision to irritate our skin. Everyone’s epidermis is slightly different, though. Luckily, at our online store, you can purchase original and authentic European body care products. Specifically, ones that are free of detrimental additives. Here at Zimgi you can buy, for example, a fine selection of body lotions from Poland, Hungary, or Bulgaria. These can be – among many others – Vegan Muesli Body Lotion, Japan Beauty Hand and Body Nourishing Cream, or Moisture Rich Body Butter. We also offer bath products, such as Bubble Bath with Oil and Lavender, Massage Sponges, foams, pumice stones, and soaps.

We also have an impressive selection of natural deodorants and antiperspirants from Europe. This consists of sport, energizing, and linen-dry versions. And to top it all off, we also offer original Polish fragrances. Without a doubt, everyone will like their scents.

Natural body care products from Europe.

The body cosmetics category at our online service means much more. We also do not neglect such categories as intimate hygiene products. Among those, we unquestionably must mention Avocado Oil Cream Emulsion, Sensitive Fresh Protection Cleanser, and Hygiene Gel with Goat Milk. Nail care products are also an important subcategory. Here, we undeniably have to bring up our Intensive Nail Conditioners, Nail Hardeners, and Regenerating Serums. However, it is still not the end of our selection! We also carry tanning products and sun care lotions. Check out our Bronze Moisturizing Body Butter, Self-Tanning Mist, and Bronzing Body Elixir.

Most of these products we imported from Europe, and a small selection of products such as fragrances and body butters are made in the USA. All of them are made with natural ingredients to take care of your body while beautifying it. And, of course, providing it with valuable rejuvenating ingredients. We guarantee that they will give your skin – no matter its texture or type – the appropriate relief. If you order them, you will see for yourself.

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