Nivea Naturally Good Shower Gel (Chamomile & Jasmine) 300ml


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Nivea Naturally Good Shower Gel (Chamomile & Jasmine) 300ml

Naturally Good Shower Gel (Chamomile & Jasmine) by Nivea is created with love for your skin, be it dry or sensitive. The biodegradable formula consists of 98% natural ingredients*, nourishing your skin so that you feel comfortable all day long. It contains bio argan oil obtained from responsible sources, which will take gentle care of your skin while you will enjoy the delicate scent of jasmine and chamomile, which will pamper your senses during daily care. Our bottle (excluding the cap) is made with 97% recycled plastic, helping you and us to reduce our environmental footprint.

  •  Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and dry skin
  •  Long-lasting feeling of comfort
  •  98% ingredients of natural origin*
  •  Made of naturally sourced skin-conditioning ingredients
  •  The formula is gentle to the environment
  •  Bottle (without cap) made of 97% recycled plastic

*Ingredients of natural origin that retain more than 50% of their molecular structure (natural state) after processing, including water.



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