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Body fragrances, women’s perfumes, and colognes.

Fragrances is also a category where Zimgi online store has something interesting to offer. A large part of our assortment in this group are products imported from Europe. Some of them are even classic local perfumes. The best example is undoubtedly Pani Walewska, a well-known, historical Polish perfume spray. But there is more: on our pages, you can also find fragrances straight from Paris. These can be, among others, Jean Patou Eau de Toilette Spray or Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Spray. Besides that, we also do not neglect very famous manufacturers such as Calvin Klein or Davidoff. From their selection, we can offer such well-known fragrances as “Beauty” or “Cool Water.” In addition, we offer brands like “Miss Boucheron,” “L’envol de Carlier,” and “Guess by Marciano.” We do not doubt that as natural products with very distinct scents, they will appeal to both ladies and gentlemen. With our online shopping platform, you can order and enjoy them right now.

Natural, aromatic fragrances with lasting power.

When choosing natural fragrances, we should note aroma notes, but also the scent durability. After all, we want the perfume to maintain its aroma for as long as possible. In such circumstances, natural cosmetics are the right choice. On the market, there are more and more not only organic cosmetics but also natural perfumes. Our fragrances contain mainly organic ingredients, such as essential oils and plant essences. Contrary to typical ones, they do not include any artificial ingredients.

In our offer, you will find the best natural options for women and men. A noticeable part of our assortment comes from Europe. As everybody knows, manufacturing regulations there are stricter than in the US. Therefore, products like perfumes are also more natural. By buying them from us, you can also enjoy the scents from the Old Continent – the place where many famous fragrance houses have their home and headquarters.