Farmina Amber Ointment, Masc Bursztynowa, 20g

Farmina amber ointment is intended for people who struggle with problems of stiffness and pain in joints caused by rheumatism. Organic ingredients contained in amber have many positive effects on the structure of the body. Compounds from the group of terpenes have a warming effect by dilating blood vessels. The preparation applied to the surface of the skin warms up and relaxes the muscles around the joints, alleviating the pain associated with rheumatism and improves blood circulation in the skin.


The amber ointment is intended for massage of muscles and areas of stiff joints, in particular knee and elbow joints, and in the area of ​​hands, feet and arms. Additionally, it moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It does not contain artificial colors or parabens.


Warming up, improving comfort in joint ailments (through better blood supply to the skin).

Usage method

Rub topically several times a day. For external use only.


Petrolatum, Amber Extract, Lanolin, Aqua purificata.


20g of ointment



Storage method


Weight 1 oz
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Farmina Amber Ointment, Masc Bursztynowa, 20g

Cream with Amber Extract is a preparation for external use, which heats, improves blood flow, and affect the relaxation of the muscles around the joint structures.


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